The Cardinal Collection
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Wednesday, 07 November 2007 00:00


Victorian Bathrooms' Cardinal Collection of taps and mixers are the latest in designer tap ware; The Cardinal Collection offers you state of the art technology while blending a classic elegant design with a touch of contemporary flair.

The Vipp Story
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Monday, 15 October 2007 00:00

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You've experienced the feeling .. When your eye falls on the retro design of the Vipp Bin.. and you acknowledge that you just HAVE to own one, knowing that no other bin in the world will take it's place! And you are normally a rational person. It's not just a bin you're purchasing - there's a history, a love affair..

The story of the Vipp pedal bin goes back to 1939 when a young Danish metal turner, Holger Nielsen (1914 – 1992) was asked by his new wife to manufacture a waste bin that she could use in her hairdressing salon. Maria, needed a bin which she could open with a pedal in order to keep her hands free.

Having only recently married, Holger wanted to show her what he was capable of, and made a bin which was durable, functional and aesthetically pleasing, with a rubber seal in the lid to keep in odours and dust.

As time passed the local doctor and dentist visited the saloon for their haircut. They found the bin to be perfect for their practices, and bought it from Holger Nielsen. Slowly the story of Holger Nielsen’s bin spread, and for 65 years Vipp has been sold to hospitals, clinics and dentists. However, over the past 10 years, the Vipp bin has been discovered by interior designers the world over, and Victorian Bathrooms is now introducing this ’cult’ status pedal bin to the South African market.

Today Vipp, Denmark, is owned by the daughter of Holger Nielsen and her two children. The Vipp bins are still hand made, from stainless steel, and are designed to last a lifetime. In a world of daily changes the timeless and classical design of Vipp represents a constant. As commented by Mari Lea Randsborg of Vipp "If need be, we also have spare parts for the Vipps. It's such a pleasure when somebody comes through our door with a 25 year old Vipp under the arm which just needs new ears (handles) - and then it's as good as new."

Victorian Bathrooms is very proud to be associated with Vipp.

You will find stock at both our Cape Town and Johannesburg showrooms.

For more information contact (021) 704 2340 or (011) 325 5503, or log onto

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Wednesday, 12 September 2007 00:00


Lighting in a bathroom must conform to the regulations for the installation of electric lamps in bathrooms, where bathrooms are divided into 4 zones and lighting is given an IP Rating (denoting their resistance to the ingress of water) which determines their suitability for each of these zones.

This regulation has previously posed a problem for customers wishing to hang attractive wall lights with bare light bulbs, which are not allowed in bathrooms.

Victorian Bathrooms has recently solved this problem by sourcing comprehensive ranges of attractive wall lights in a traditional style.

The light bulbs appear to be exposed but are in fact sealed, making them suitable for zone 2 – ie anywhere beyond 600mm of a basin or similar water source.

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To get a taste of what we are about,

view our Victorian Bathrooms Inspiration brochure

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Christmas Gift Inspiration
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Monday, 12 December 2016 13:32


This Christmas, we have sought out a selected offering of exquisite gifts and treats that will leave you and your loved ones feeling very special. Pop into any of our four showrooms to take advantage of these limited items and fill your stockings with a fusion of metallic gift ideas, including silver and gold-plated hair, nail and tooth brushes. For under the trees there's a range of exclusive soaps and scents as well as luxury gift items and accessories for the bathroom. To add to the Christmas sparkle, we have a range of mirrored perspex trays and metallic containers to treat that someone special.





The fusion of metals bring warmth and depth to your home this festive season. With trays, candles and various brushes in tones of copper, gold and chrome, it is easy to add grandeur to any space.



Nothing spells luxury as much as reading a book in a big bubble bath! A bathrack and book rest is all that is needed, but don't forget about the blissful bath oils and soaps.



Wrap up with soft towels and step onto plush mats after a relaxing bath or shower.



Our selection of gifts are not limited to only the bathroom but are suitable for the whole home.




We wish you and your loved ones a safe and wonderful festive season.


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